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The SAOCCA Hookah. NEW VERSION 2020.

New Stainless steel downstem.

New heart with 3 purging lines.

New diffuser style.

Gloss instead of matte.

Watch the video for the new upgrades


The detail on these hookahs are something that we are very proud of.

The tray has raised pyramids that will help your coals breathe.

The patent pending purge is a series of 5 hidden slots that is just a fun feature.

The knurling effect throughout the  stem body, hub, and bowl holder are beautiful for aesthetics. 

The length of the stem from top to bottom is 24 inches. Once inserted into a base the exposed part, meaning the bottom of the hub to the top of the stem will be 14 inches over the height of your base. The thick tray is a whopping 11 inches wide.

They are machined from solid bar and tube.

Included with this stem and tray set will be 3 ball bearings. In addition there will be a bowl and stem grommet.

The SAOCCA Hookah will accept most hookah hoses, however, the Knurl Hose and Flaca Hose will fit perfectly without the need for a hose grommet.

Check out the new matching base options we have added.



We hope you enjoy the SAOCCA Hookah as you add it to your collection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Juan Estrada

Always has the greatest product and always ready if you have any questions

Great Hookah!

-Extra large tray w/ pyramids to rest/ash coals

-Extended/raised bowl port

-Very open/easy draw

-Easy to purge (by this i mean it takes little force to physically move the ball bearings up to purge the hookah, some other hookahs take a bit of effort but this one requires none at all)

-Completely detachable and very high quality materials, feels high quality and beefy. (I've had mine since April of 2023 still looking and smoking good as new, Colored metal parts do not have any wear or tear after many washes)

-Fits HookahJohn SoSo hose perfectly without a grommet (fav hose)


-Bowl port has a weird curve/angle, standard grommets are still air tight with the bowl on but feels loose. (I cut a grommet in half horizontally to make the top part of the grommet wider to fit this better)

-Omni-directional purge, this one is a personal con, but I don't like how it purges the smoke in all directions. I'm more of a social smoker so its a bit annoying to blow the smoke in all directions towards everyone. Still perfect for single smokers, as it doesn't purge towards the hose handle. (I put tape on all but 1 purge hole to only keep the purge in one direction, funnily enough it made purging the base clear out smoke faster lol)

Best. Hookah. Ever

Listen up! I am an expert hookah smoker. I am also a very important person. Hence why you’re reading what I have written. Doesn’t matter if you who I am or not, but you do, peasant. This hookah reminds me of myself. Elegant, durable, sexy, unique, put together beautifully, people want to put their mouth on it, they want to breathe the same air, they can’t wait to get there hands on it, it gets better when things start heating up, other puns related to hookah….

Now back to reality: In all seriousness, here is a list why I love this hookah (you will too).

-Unbeatable price/value for what you get
-Produces HUUUGE clouds
-Super easy to clean/maintain
-Great air flow
-Amazing construction/materials
-Nice aesthetics
-Long lifespan due to ease of maintenance

-Why are you reading this part, silly? Did you think there were any negatives? There are none. Just get one, nerd. Stop reading. Go smoke.

Anthony Rebamontan
Bomb Proof!!

I wanted American ingenuity and manufacturing in a hookah. No cheap stamping or pot metal. The stem is quality machined from aluminum bar stock and anodized with a gloss finish of your choice. No doubt thought has gone into this piece of work. The plate on top is huge and functional. Cleaning is tedious but intuitive. As a customer you will be satisfied with this product. Buy the package deal which will save you money over the long haul.

Ali Othman
This my best hookah of my collection

this hookah should be back in stock
look and smoke amazing

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