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The Knurl Hose is finally here, after much R&D and R&D. Research and Development, and, Results and Delivery, by HookahJohn.

This is the V2 which includes some changes, which you will see in the video, and now at a much more affordable price.

We have been working on this hose since 2017, and finally it is here.

This hose weighs 2 lbs fully assembled and is 75 inches long.

The handle alone is 15 inches and weighs 1.45 lbs.

This is the full set up, including handle, silicon hose, and hose adapter.


Customer Reviews

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Vincent Villa
Nice Hose

Very nice Hose I got one tried it out and my friends tried it out also and they ended up buying 3 and a flaca Hose also needless to say we like this Hose and would recommend it to anyone looking for a very nice high quality lifetime Hose

Charles B.
Lifetime Product

I have been using the Knurl v2 with my Saocca hookah for over a year now and could not be more pleased with the overall build quality and comfort of it. Yes, the handle is a beefy chunk of metal; but at no time have I felt this to impede my smoking experience. The Knurl v2 feels as though it will last a lifetime and I have no doubt we will enjoy this handle for many years to come.

William Johnson
Bitter sweet

I love this hose! However, my only gripe is it’s heavy weight. After a while you get tired of holding 2lbs. My lady friends definitely would. I actually ordered a mic stand to hold it when tired of holding it lol

love it

thank thank you i love it you need it

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