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Hookah Hoses

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I wanted to bring another product to the hookah market. Narbish in Arabic means Hose. Now, this isn't any hose for smoking hookah, this is a Premium Egyptian Washable Hookah Hose with a detachable mouthpiece. Now that was a mouthful so let's just call it Narbish. 75 inches long from tip to end, wide guage, and completely washable. Thanks for supporting...

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The new Narbish is finally here.The internal hose is fully washable, as you have come to expect with the Narbish, and the external appearance is your classic old-school hose. We removed the hose port handle at the request of you, the consumer. For the smoker who enjoys the look of classic hookah hoses, but the appeal of modern washable hoses,...

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Company Art Hookah is proud to present an improved version of the Aviator hose. More than a year was spent on the development, production, and testing in the Art Hookah lounge in San Diego, California, and this version promises to provide the best hookah experience possible.   The new model is made of aircraft-grade aluminum 6061-T6 which has increased strength...

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The Aluminum Handle D-Hose is a new line by Dream Hookah. The handle is 15 inches and the total length of this hose is 74 inches. It is made with surgical grade materials, and is a fully washable hookah hose. RED D-HOSE NOW COMES WITH RED SILICONE TUBING!!!

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The D-Hose Hybrid Edition 2.0 is a new line by Dream Hookah and is a hybrid of aluminum and silicon. The total length of this hose is 72 inches. It is made with surgical grade materials and is a fully washable hookah hose.

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Bring Da Fire's Custom Lighted Narbish Washable Hose is now available for you to own! This unique, one-of-a-kind hookah hose lights up and is unlike any other hookah hose on the market. -The lights have three different lighting modes. -Hoses are completely washable. *Item Details* 1x Custom Lighted Narbish hookah hose 1x Battery Pack (Batteries not included)   Check out...

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The Carbon 1 Hookah Hose is another great production by AppleOnTop. This hookah hose is made from real carbon fiber for the handle, and high quality silicon for the body of the hose. The workmanship and materials used are top notch, and this hose is Made in the US. Check it out here.

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Khalil Maamoun "AS" Pro hose, this hose is 67" long with a 15' handle. What separates this hose from the rest is the near 7/8" diameter of the actual hose. I haven't seen a hose this thick in the market. Also, the material is very durable, the handle is decorate with wrapped thread which gives it an almost "rope" feeling...

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Starbuzz Maximus Washable Hookah Hose  This hose will make a name for itself. 90 inches long. 1 inch hose diameter. 21 inch handle. Washable and sturdy. Great value when you compare it to the Brazilian Thunder hose or KM Beast hose.