Titanium Cubes Natural Hookah Coals - Cubes - 72ct

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Introducing Titanium Coconut Coals.
Titanium is the newest and best brand of Coconut Coals available.
They are the only brand to use 100% pressed coconut shell, contrary to other brands claims. Most brands will use fillers such as wood and sawdust to cut costs, which causes lack of performance and odors.
These are the 72ct CUBE version.

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art anderson

Titanium Cubes Natural Hookah Coals - Cubes - 72ct

Bristol Boyer
Best coals!

I’ve been smoking hookah for over 10 years and these by far are the best coals. They don’t ash up fast like others and they last a long time.

Anon Emous
Big Mistake?

And I have a pretty decent stock of these charcoal cubes. It started last summer when these were the only ones I could get shipped to me overseas.

I have to wonder if buying them was the right thing though… I say this because I am unhappy using anything else. If it's not Titanium, I don't want it heating my shisha. These burns so clean and for a long enough time to guarantee my session is enjoyable. I have already thrown out two boxes of coals that aren't Titanium simply because they are poor performers.


I usually go to a local hookah lounge. My hookah buddy and I tried these coals at my house recently and we are IN LOVE WITH THEM! You get FLAVOR, no burnt taste or throat burn after a short time. There are flavors that I didn't think I was a fan of, but now after trying them with these coals (and actually being able to taste it - imagine that), it's opened a new world! I will not use any other coals. When we visit our local hookah lounge, I plan on bringing a couple of mine and telling them about them also. Done with other brands. Thank you for your passion that has CLEARLY driven you to create a wonderful product.

Great coals

I use two of these cubes on my large bowl. Works great, stays hot all the way to the end, and light without fuss.
There is no "flavor" to the coal. The coal does not taste like a burning fuel source, as I think instant light coals do.

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