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Oh great, you. Yes, we know, you’re hardcore when it comes to hookah. Hey, we get it, and have made the right surprise box just for you. Score big time with this package. You will not be disappointed.

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carlo caliso
Hardcore smoker box

Came within shipping date, box was huge and full of surprises. Lots of goodies and a sweet sweet knurl hose v2. Thank you guys at hookah john.

Richard Moretti
Expected Differently

When I got the hard-core surprise box I was expecting less essentials like a hose and charcoal burner and was hoping for more niche products like one of the things I got being a werkbund pair of tongs.

Elias Loredo
Great deal for the price

Really liked what was in the smokers box I’m starting to think that the disposable hoses are a gag at times but nevertheless

I’ve been wanting the Knurl Hose for a minute and I managed to get that you never know what kind of surprises are in there but I’m one happy camper

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