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MYA Saray Hookahs


The BEYA is composed of solid-colored glass and MYAs new patent pending interchangeable stem system featuring Pambos'. It is 21” tall, and 21” at its widest point. A versatile hookah that can be customized for up to four hoses, with countless color options and it truly perfect for any smoker.


MYA’s Chikita is taking after its namesake as our newest compact hookah. Comprised of solid frosted glass, it stands at 11” tall when fully assembled and has a circumference of 16” at its widest point. The Chikita’s compact size, unique shape, and distinctive character are sure to impress.


The Mya QT Comes with a Thick Glass Base, Chrome / Stainless Steel Stem, Tobacco Burner, Matching Leather Hose, Chrome Plate and Tongs. When it comes to classic hookahs, the Mya QT shows style and charm, best best of all - quality and durability.


Its name says it all! Taller than ever the MYA Alto is here to turn Heads and Amaze them All! This 34” Hookah is as tall as they come! The alto’s 18” Stem will be the game change to your collection. This Brass colored stem is complemented by its amazing handmade detailing. The alto’s base is as sleek as can...


Sturdier than ever the MYA Jafar will complete your Hookah royalty collection. Characterized by its name, the Jafar is a powerful 30” Tall Hookah. The Jafar is composed of a sleek, solid colored base measuring 12” and an all brass black stem measuring 14”. The Jafar will for sure be your everyday wish!


MYA’s New vision of MX-Function, now boasting a stem without a pressure releaser. The Noche’s colored brass stem will add the right amount of edge and class to this subtle base. 24” tall and weighing just over 4 pounds, tall and sturdy, the Noche will be the perfect addition to your innovative collection.


Introducing MYA’s newest hookah, the Blaze 123. Our Blaze 123 stands 21” tall and only weighs 4.12 pounds, while still being fully customizable for up to 4 hoses. Blaze 123 boasts a new MYA innovation of three different interchangeable stem color choices.


Meet MYA’s new small and sleek, yet portable BIJOU. The BIJOU is a two hose capable Egyptian style hookah. When it arrives, you’re sure to notice how the solid colored glass base is adorned with hieroglyphics.