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Introducing the Ruff Ryder Hookah from Contraband Hookah!


This hookah is made exclusively of stainless steel components, and features an actual modified car coil over. This shisha is a must for any car enthusiast who is a fan of tuning. As in all Contraband Hookahs this comes as a complete set - all that is needed is charcoal and your favorite flavor. Starting from the top the hookah comes with a stainless steel heat management device that can accept your coals eliminating the need for foil. Also included is a high temperature Contraband branded bowl. The tray is made up of two parts the top level is a stainless steel rim design with accented parts matching the coilovers, below this tray is a thick stainless steel rotor with machined grooves to catch the ash.


The smoke column of this hookah is eye catching with a painted coilover matching the accents on the tray and mouthpiece. The purge comes from below the tray downwards the smoke column towards the heart. There is a large nut that can be removed to enhance the smoke blow off. Since the smoke column is stainless steel you can change your flavor profile constantly without the worry of flavor transfer from previous sessions as stainless steel does not retain flavor. The heart connection to the glass base is a threaded connection ensuring this 20lb + hookah is stable. The glass base is a unique hand carved design that is beautifully paired with our water colorants. The hose adapter is a push on design with grommets making it air tight. The downstem features an integrated diffuser that can be removed if needed. This hookah comes with a medical grade silicone hose and with a matching coilover. This hookah comes complete with a branded stainless steel tongs.

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