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Hookahjohn Bowls

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As you know, Hookahjohn is always trying to improve hookah smoking by bringing new quality products to the market. The Flying Saucer Hookah Bowl has landed. I actually made the prototypes months back and decided not to release them. For one, they don't provide a better smoke than an Alien phunnel bowl. Second, they cost me more money to make...

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The Harmony Hookah Bowl is here.This bowl is similar to the Alien Hookah Bowl, however, the outer edge comes in much deeper than the angle of the Alien's outer edge. This allows for a more even distribution of tobacco and even burning of shisha. This bowl holds approximately 30-35 grams of shisha.The materials used are the same as the Alien...


The Red Clay Harmony Bowl is where modern meets tradition when it comes to hookah bowls. Traditionally, hookah bowls were made out of a red clay that comes from the Middle East, India, or China. That clay isn't all that bad, and has been working for generations. HookahJohn bowls, including the Alien, Harmony, 80feet bowl, and others use a white clay...


Many of you love and are familiar with the Harmony Bowl by HookahJohn. You've noticed a bit of a change over the years to the shape and form of it. There are several reason for this, however, We did some market research and it seems as though many of you want to go back to the old shape and form....


The 80feet Phunnel Bowl is the newest hookah bowl to hit the market. They are a smaller version of the Harmony Hookah bowl. The 80feet Phunnel Bowl holds about 20-25 grams of shisha, stands almost 4 inches tall, and has an outer bowl diameter of 2.6 inches. Many have asked if this will fit and work with the Kaloud Lotus....

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New Colors now in. Better pictures to come. Introducing the Ferris Bowl. This is about 4.375 inches tall, 3.375 inches in full diameter but has an inner bowl diameter of about 2.5 inches with a step that will hold yourKaloud Lotus. If you are familiar with the Lotus, you will know how great of a feature this is. The Lotus will...

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Before I start the description I want everyone to know that without Eric Hoffman of Tangeirs this product would not be available anywhere. He is the true inventor of the Phunnel bowl from its design to the quality of materials used. You can get imitations made in China yet the materials are not the same and it is apparent when...

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The Trimony Hookah Bowl is the latest bowl from Hookahjohn. It was released on 5/22/15.It is basically the same as the Harmony Bowl in shape and form, only the inner spire has been sliced in three spots, for more air flow.

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These are Harmony bowls made custom for a lounge that insists on a "wide gauge" inner opening. I have a few left over that are limited for those of you that like that preference as well. They are the same size as the regular Harmony bowl except for the inner diameter.