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The HookahJohn Harmony bowl.....what can we say that will not sound too self serving?

This is probably the most favorite hookah bowl we have made. It is in the hands of hundreds of thousands of hookah smokers around the world.

The Harmony bowl was introduced by HookahJohn in 2013, and has gone through many subtle changes. Frist, and as always, they are 100% made in the US using American clay. Our proprietary clay mix is better than anything we could find for retaining the desired amount of heat for a pleasurable hookah smoking experience.

Over the years we have changed the shape a bit, and, after several changes we made the RETRO Harmony bowl 6 years ago. This is the best shape we have come up with. 

The changes to the 2023 version will not change the shape. What we did change is the color schemes for you. 

The HookahJohn Harmony bowl fits most Heat Management Devices, HMD's, especially the Kaloud Lotus. It also works excellent with foil.

Check out these new colors.

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Mahtab Nejad
Fantastic Service

I was a international customer from UK, and HookahJohns Crew and John himself helped to get the order processed and delivered at adequate time. I bought different variants of HJ hookah bowl and was very happy with the packaging and quality of the bowls.

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