The cut on this stuff threw me for a loop, it's a very fine cut that almost feels dry, but at the same time feels very juicy. I packed it fairly loose and fluffy.

The smell was immediately a sweet cinnamon gum, like big red or something, not overly spicy but enough cinnamon to be noticeable and pleasant...for about 5 minutes.

Where did the flavor go? The flavor is still there, but it's so muted that it might as well not be.

Headquarters has yet to do anything to really "wow" me, and, in fact, it because genuinely unpleasant to smoke after a while. 

The flavor could probably be prolonged with an HMD, but for how unpleasant I find this, I don't see myself trying that any time soon.


**Update: I have heard from the producers that a revamped version of this and other headquarters flavors are in the works, and I will be trying them out when I can get my hands on them**

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