Picture review: ProjectBlack Bowl

What's up everyone?! So, as you all know we recently got the new project black bowl in at the warehouse! So I thought I might as well throw a review up for you all to see.

The Size: As you can see, the bowl is relatively small. I'd say it's a good medium-sized bowl, not so small to be a one-rounder, but not so big that you're wasting tobacco. The depth is just about perfect, I haven't had unused tobacco in the bottom in all the testing I've done, so it's good.

You'll also notice the spiral design for the internal bowl, I'm not sure what, if any, function it serves besides aesthetics, but it does look cool. The design is a bit messy, so I talked to the guys who made it who have told me the next batch aught to be a bit cleaner.

The Pack: The bowl is nice and even, so packing it was a breeze. I didn't take any extra steps to pack differently than usual. It held about 25-30 grams of Tangiers dense packed, when I've tried other brands, it holds about 20-25 grams of tobacco.


The Smoke: I put three Titanium Cubettes on a Regal Prince, and let the bowl heat up for a few minutes. I've been using this bowl regularly, and haven't noticed any flavor retention which is good, because I always like to change up my flavors and don't often dedicate bowls. The heat retention is actually fantastic. It warms up nice and even, and the neck of the bowl isn't so hot that I can't grab it with my hands.

The second picture there was taken about 45 minutes into my session. The burn is nice, because the heating is nice and even, I'm not getting bits that don't get heated up.


The Material: The bowl is made of a black clay. I haven't gotten the guys who make it to disclose the exact recipe to me, but they tell me it's a strong stoneware clay that is a fine-grain porcelain like material that has no gaps or crevices and is non-porous. 


Overall: I actually really like this bowl. It's perfect for two-round tangiers smokers like myself, and seems to be able to take a fair bit of heat, provided your tobacco can take it. I would say it's worth picking up, either now if the visuals aren't important, or waiting for round two+ for a slightly cleaner design. I would recommend trying it out for yourself, because the material is honestly something I've never dealt with before.

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