Werkbund Hookah Tongs - Corkscrew

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Size: Medium 9 inches
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Werkbund Hookah Tongs are beautifully hand crafted and forged works of art.

Since they are hand made the length will be 13-15 inches.

To really appreciate all the work that goes into the workmanship watch this short video.

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    Anthony Rebamontan
    Worth the Money $$

    I love to spend money on things I believe are worth it. I’ve used cheap tongs for Korean BBQ. These aren’t it. These are solid works of art that will give you many years of solid service. They have weight and heft. You will grab the coals with confidence and have the safety of being away from the heat source. Even the company tag is wood that is stamped and burned with care. These tongs will add charm and function to your hookah experience.

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