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Flavor: Atmosphere
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Tangiers Fans! You need to get this.
These flavors were made for the international market, and due to regulations couldn't be sold in the US before. WELL NOW THEY CAN!
Get some!
Flavor Descriptions: 

Cucumber Lavender: A Soothing  Cucumber Lavender mix ideal for cooling off and feeling reinvigorated

Ginger Pear: A refreshing and sweet pear backed with a hint of ginger.

I'm Coming to get you Varvara: A Basil and Melon mix.

Cream Soda: The taste of your favorite sarsaparilla soda backed by sweet creamy vanilla notes. 

Passion Lemonade: A refreshingly tart and sweet lemonade flavor.

Surfer's Delight: A Passionfruit, Orange and Guava juice blend, the right combination of tropical sweet citrus, and sweet tart passionfruit. The flavorful taste of your youth.

Atmosphere:  "Atmosphere" is the Domestic Name made exclusively for Arbi from Atmosphere Lounge in LA, it is strawberry lemongrass with lime added, tart and earthy.

Juniperberry:  A refreshing herbal flavor, it is a dry smoke that is mouth wateringly delicious similar to red tea but more refreshing. 

Cardamom Cheesecake:  Tastes as close as we could get to being in a middle eastern market, Creamy with cheesecake and earthy with the spice cardamom it can transport you to another time & place.

Sage Mint:  Calming sweet sage coupled with a cooling spearmint a refreshing smoke after a long day.

Pinetops:  A Delicious sweet robust pine flavor, but not too intense. An exciting journey for your taste buds. 

Key Lime Pie: A crisp citrus dessert backed with a creamy subtle vanilla custard note

Holyday Punch:  A sweet Citrus, tart cranberry with a savory hint of spice.

Lemdano:  A lemon chocolate blend. Robust chocolate taste with a tart lemony finish.

Tangiers Noir Shisha is perhaps the most famous and notable Tangiers Line of all. Instantly recognizable by its bright yellow/orange packaging with a hand-written name and flavor number Tangiers Noir Shisha, like it's sister lines, is usually easy to spot on the store shelf and always warrants a double-take and a closer look...

Fans of Tangiers Shisha immediately recognize and grab up their favorite blends recognizing the fact that each batch is hand-made, you get the constant feeling of never having enough. Hookah John is here to alleviate those worries of running out of Tangiers Shisha with a nearly unending supply of all of your favorite flavors including Cane Mint.

How to pack Tangiers Noir Hookah Tobacco

  • Get 3 of your favorite hookah coals started on your coal burner.
  • Fill the bowl up to the rim and pack things down a bit, adding more as needed, we think a more dense pack works best for Tangiers Hookah Tobacco.
  • Our bowl of choice would be either the Retro Harmony or the Ferris Bowl.
  • You can use a Shisha Fork to avoid getting your fingers messy.
  • Now just add foil, or your favorite heat management device. We like foil and the hookah john flavor saver.
  • Take 2 fully lit coals and place them on the bowl, adding the 3rd when needed.

About this Tangiers Noir Hookah Tobacco

Size: 250 Grams 

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