Tangiers F-Line Hookah Tobacco - 250g

Flavor: Absinthe
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Tangiers F-Line Hookah Tobacco is an unique concept of shisha that includes caffeine and could only have come from the masters at Tangiers. Enriching their tobacco with caffeine is sure to provide an interesting experience for those willing to make the effort. 

There are only a handful of flavors to choose from when it comes to Tangiers F-Line but we think its more of an experience that's probably best enjoyed with a smaller set of flavors.

You should be careful and know what you are doing when using Tangiers F-Line.

How to pack Tangiers F-Line Hookah Tobacco

  • Get 3 of your favorite hookah coals started on your coal burner.
  • Fill the bowl up to the rim and pack things down a bit, adding more as needed, we think a more dense pack works best for Tangiers Hookah Tobacco.
  • Our bowl of choice would be either the Retro Harmony or the Ferris Bowl.
  • You can use a Shisha Fork to avoid getting your fingers messy.
  • Now just add foil, or your favorite heat management device. We like foil and the hookah john flavor saver.
  • Take 2 fully lit coals and place them on the bowl, adding the 3rd when needed.
  • Be very careful when using this tobacco, and be sure to do your research.

About this Tangiers F-Line Hookah Tobacco

Size: 250 Grams 

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Bri Mellinger

Smooth taste!

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