🔥 Start Your Hookah Journey with the "Starter Pack" — Crafted for Connoisseurs! 🔥

Embark on a premium smoking adventure with our Starter Pack, featuring the finest from Werkbund, made with precision and passion in Russia. Whether you choose the Lumos or Zeus version, prepare for a hookah experience that dazzles.

What's Included in Your Starter Kit:
Werkbund Hookah (Lumos or Zeus): A centerpiece that speaks volumes of your taste, offering impeccable smoking performance.
Werkbund Steinkopf Bowl: A beautifully crafted bowl known for its heat management and flavor enhancement.
Russian Glass Base: Elegant and sturdy, this base complements your hookah with a touch of class.
Haze & Eternal Smoke Shisha: Immerse yourself in a variety of flavors with 250g packs of top-tier Haze and Eternal Smoke shisha tobacco.
Titanium Flats: A kilo of premium flats charcoal ensures a consistent and smooth burn throughout your session.
Werkbund Tongs: Artisanal tongs that offer both style and practicality for handling your coals.
Oyster Fork: The perfect tool for packing and managing your shisha, as recommended by experts.
Sanitation Essentials: A mouth tip and three disposable hoses maintain the utmost hygiene standards for your peace of mind.

Whether you're new to the hookah scene or looking to upgrade your setup, our Starter Pack delivers everything you need for a luxurious and enjoyable smoking experience.

🎥 Watch our detailed unboxing and setup video to see the beauty and quality of the Werkbund Hookah in action.

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