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🌐 Introducing the "Social Sampler" Kit β€” Your Gateway to the Syndicate Hookah Experience! 🌐

Elevate your social smoking sessions with the exquisite Syndicate Hookah, a Ukrainian masterpiece customized with Hookah John's exclusive branding. This kit is designed for those who have enjoyed hookah at lounges and are now ready to own a piece of the premium hookah culture.

What's Included in the "Social Sampler" Kit:

βœ… Hookah Syndicate Hookah HJ Custom: The centerpiece of this kit, showcasing Hookah John’s special touch on the Ukrainian classic.
βœ… 80 Feet Espana Hookah Bowl: Crafted for the perfect session, this bowl is a blend of tradition and modern smoking excellence.
βœ… Mazaya & Fumari Shisha Tobacco: Get the best of both worlds with 250g of Mazaya and 100g of Fumari shisha tobacco, rich in flavor and perfect for any palette.
βœ… Flats 1kg Charcoal: Keep your sessions going with a full kilo of premium flats charcoal, ensuring a consistent burn every time.
βœ… Essential Tools: The kit comes with Cheap Tongs and an Oyster Fork, the latter being an essential tool as seen in Eric's Odyssey Hookah Lounge.
βœ… Sahara Nights Aluminum Foil: High-quality foil for preparing your bowl with ease.
βœ… Hygienic Smoking: A pack of mouth tips and three disposable hoses are included for clean and enjoyable experiences.

The Syndicate Hookah, available exclusively through Hookah John, offers a smoking experience that's as unique as it is satisfying, with a branded design not shown in all pictures. The kit includes everything you need to start, complete with a saucer, shaft, diffuser, Soft Touch hose, mouthpiece, and a seal kit.

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