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🌟 Step into the world of an icon with the "HookahJohn Experience," a curated selection of premium hookah products handpicked by the legend himself β€” Hookah John. 🌟

The HookahJohn Experience Includes:
βœ… SAOCCA Hookah (2020 Version): A masterpiece boasting a new stainless steel downstem, a heart with three purging lines, and a new diffuser for a seamless smoke.
βœ… The Knurl Hose V2 by HookahJohn: The result of years of R&D, this hose offers durability and design brilliance, ensuring a substantial and satisfying pull every time.
βœ… Hookah John’s Signature Bowls: The Harmony and Alien Bowls, customizable in colors of your choice, represent the pinnacle of Hookah John's craftsmanship.
βœ… Kaloud Lotus I+ Niris "The Black Lotus" HMD: The quintessential heat management device to accompany your Hookah John bowls for the perfect session.
βœ… Premium Tobacco Selection: Indulge in the rich and bold flavors with three packs each of Tangiers and Darkside tobacco.
βœ… Titanium Coals: With your choice of flats or cubes, these coals are the foundation for an impeccable smoking experience.
βœ… Werkbund Sophistication: With Werkbund Hookah Tongs and the Fork/Poker Combo, set up your hookah with tools that exude luxury and function.
βœ… Essentials for Hygiene: Including mouth tips and disposable hoses to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness.
βœ… HKH Unwind Hookah Base Mat: A stylish and practical addition to safeguard your hookah base and surfaces.

Join us as we delve into each component that HookahJohn himself uses and recommends. From the sleek and modern SAOCCA Hookah to the substantial Knurl Hose V2, this collection is designed for those who want to smoke just like HookahJohn β€” a trailblazer in the hookah world.

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