Sky Hookah Mios 2S complete set

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Sky Hookah Mios 2S

As the name suggests, Sky Hookah Mios 2S V2A are made of V2A stainless steel.
Like the previous model, the Sky Hookah Switch, the Sky Hookah Mios also offers the option of shortening the smoke column. The smoke column consists of two elements that can be screwed onto the base either as a duo or individually, so you can choose between three possible setups. The complete set also includes a molasses catcher, chimney head, pliers, mouthpiece and silicone hose, ready to start. The striking bowl is decorated and is guaranteed to attract attention. 

Check out all of the pictures to see how you can configure this!

Scope of delivery:
- Chimney
- Sieve attachment
- Five-hole head
- Head gasket
- Head adapter
- Tongs
- Ash plate
- 18.8 cut smoke column to head adapter
- Molasses catcher 18.8 cut
- Smoke column element with 18.8 cut
- Smoke column element with thread
- Closed chamber base
- 2x sleeve
– 2x valve ball
– blow-out valve cap
– hose connection 14.4 cut
– silicone hose adapter 14.4 cut
– silicone hose matt black
– aluminum mouthpiece black
– bowl with threaded ring
– dip tube
– diffuser

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