Sahara Nights Aluminum Foil

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Is your hookah foil not thick enough?

Is it really convenient peeling, pulling, and sizing from a roll of store bought thin foil?

This is your solution. Pull out about 6 inches from the roll....and tear away for a nice square piece of 0.025 microns, whatever that means. It's thick, ok?

Sahara Nights is aa hookah lounge in Rapid City South Dakota, and have been doing these for years. They came up with the right thickness and size for convenient bowl packing and foiling.

Sahara Nights Aluminum Foil is 20 meters long and 150mm wide, that's over 65 feet long and about 6 inches wide for us Americans. And let me do the rest of the math while we are at it, you will get 130 sheets out of this.

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