MustHave Tobacco - 125g

Flavor: Apple Drops
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Russian hookah fans! This is what you have been waiting for.

MustHave Tobacco offers a tantalizing tobacco experience with its high-quality tobacco leaf, vibrant flavors, and lasting complexity. Enjoy an unforgettable smoke with impressively tasty flavor profiles and a long-lasting aroma that will leave you wanting more, it truly lives up to its name as it is indeed a must have for anyone who calls themselves a hookah smoker.

I've enjoyed this brand while travelling to Russia, Dubai, Germany, and Miami.

The first video is just an intro, but in the second video I show you how easy it is to pack.

Customer Reviews

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Igor Georgiev
Love it

It's my favorite tobacco so far

Jacob Gabrail
Made for Combos

This tobacco works so well with itself in a variety of ways. A lot of the flavors are authentic to the name, so you can almost imagine how the foods would taste together and then make a bowl just like it.

Current favorite combos:
- kiwi smoothie/pineapple rings
- apple/honey holls
- raspberry/frosty/earl gray

Saul Miller
Delicious 😋

I've ordered three flavors of the must-have shisha brand and they've really deserved to have the name all three flavors are sweet delicious the smoking experience is amazing I definitely recommend rocketman mix it with Pinkman and try milky rice but milky rice by itself is delicious reminds me of a Mexican dish we eat call aroz con leche which is rice and milk

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