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Mazaya is a brand from Jordan, that is a very traditional product when it comes to hookah. They are well established around the Middle East and other parts of the world. Give them a shot!

Who is number one when it comes to traditional Middle Eastern Hookah flavors?

In some countries around the world it actually is Mazaya. Not in the US though, but now that they are here in full force get some and see the difference.


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Annabelle Medina

Mazaya - 250g

Criminally underrated brand from the HKJ

Over a decade ago I got a free 50g of Mazaya (whom I hadn't heard of) in an order from another vendor and admittedly I shrugged it off since I was already neck-deep in other blonde-leaf options that were popular back then. One particularly hot summer day that box art (Four Seasons) with the promise of all those citrus flavors got me to finally try it out -- expecting a "meh" -- after all it was free. But it was actually great! I could pick out each citrus flavor throughout the session: normally when you put grapefruit in anything, that's all you can taste, right? It convinced me to pick up another blend flavor of theirs, Twist: and the same thing happened -- each note came through loud and clear. At the time, that vendor only sold 50g boxes so I was buying them by the dozen until one day they stopped stocking them.. As one does I moved on to other [darker] brands but I always had a place for Maz on my "nostalgia shelf".

Was really excited to see that HJ (my go-to vendor for years now) decided to not only stock them, but in 250g tubs! While I haven't had every flavor, I've had about a dozen and have been super happy with them, especially given the price. Four Seasons and Twist are must-haves for summer and their new varieties of Double Apple and Mastic Gum are gonna be big hits for the fall (If you are longing for the GOAT that was Nak DA, you really should give these a try especially the "al Masri".)

They used to make an "Orange with Chocolate" that was killer: maybe one day it'll come back.

Eduardo Blasco
No one is better then Hookah John

Like always got my product in time and in perfect condition

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