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La Capsula, a great source for hookah in Spain asked us to collab with them and make this bowl. They wanted a super low capacity bowl, and we delivered. We even gave them a stamp in the platform of the bowl.

This is kind of like and 80feet ESPANA bowl, yet half the size, approximately.

Take a look at this video and you will see more.

Now, they are very limited. We produce 300 for La Capsula and shipped them to Spain. However, at the time of this launch we have 30 on hand.

If you want to save tobacco, and have a limited bowl, then this is for you.

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Anthony Rebamontan
Great Single Session Bowl

Like a Harmony bowl but teeny weeny. Combine your favorite shisha, foil and a flavor saver, you have a winning combination of intense flavor for a half hour session. Hope to get one more color.

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