Flavor: Blazen Blue
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Simply the Best™

This brand has been around for 10 years, and now they are producing their product in Poland.

Check out their new lineup, fresh as can be. 200 grams.

Blazen Blue: Cool refreshing berry flavor

BOF: Minty cardamom to spice up your night

Cotton Clouds: Creamy cotton candy ice cream

Frozen Lakes: Cool refreshing watermelon beverage like agua fresca

Iced Cucumberita: Perfectly balance cucumber margarita mix on Ice.

Iced Passion:

Icy Tango: A unique fruity tangy orange flavor with hints of ice mint

Mint Lemonade: Just like a cold glass of lemonade with strong mint.

Peach Cooler: Refreshing peach flavor with a cooling sensation

Pineapple Krush: A sweet cool pineapple flavor

Purple Krush: A sweet cold soda with an amazing rich taste of grape

SubZero: Freshens your mouth like no other mint flavor

Suga Mint: Frosted sugar with a minty sweetness

Ultimint: The ultimate mint flavor...can you handle it?

What a Mint: Iced out peppermint cream


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