Darkside Hookah Tobacco - 200g

Flavor: Admiral Acabar
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Darkside Hookah Tobacco is an expertly-crafted shisha blend from Russia. It's available in 200g packs and comes in a range of tantalizing flavors. Experience first-class billowing clouds with every puff.

Customer Reviews

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Volodymyr Zadoianchuk

This is a tasty and smoky tobacco

Adrian ortiz
Darkside shisha... supernova/darkmint

I love darkside shisha it definitely packs a punch, I've only tried 2 flavors but oh boy it will not let you down... in my opinion there's only one shisha brand I would compare it to, and that tangiers... good stuff definitely worth a try

Space lychee

Great flavor. Taste like lychee no issues with flavor its spot on. I dont smoke long just an hour to 45 minutes. The flavor lasted. You can actually smell it after you smoke. I leave my bowl on the hookah and usually deal with the next day. It still smell like a fresh pack after the next day. Only problem i have is the sticks. I can pull out of the shisha. But i seen worse.

jacob snider
Great tobacco

It's like a sweet red licorice. And something else that I can't explain. But it is absolutely delicious.

Jacob Gabrail
Darkside review

Fantastic brand of dark tobacco. I love the juicy flavor and how well they mix with each other as well as other dark tobacco. One of my favorites is tea with honey and some cane mint 🔥

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