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The ALPHA FNX HMD is made of stainless steel. Fully one-piece design provides it with greater strength and reliability in operation.

Thick walls and a convenient shape of the heat controller allow you to more smoothly control the heating of the bowl. The bottom is made with a slight indentation inside to prevent burning. A large number of holes ensures good air circulation and even distribution of heat throughout the mixture.

The shape of the accessory allows you to place 3 coals of 25 mm completely on the bottom, which eliminates the possibility of their falling over the edge.

When creating the heat controller, we were inspired by the design of a car piston, so its technical characteristics are indicated on one side of the accessory.


  • Weight: 217g
  • Material: stainless steel, one piece construction.
  • Color: silver.

This HMD fits most popular bowls on the market.

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