2022 HookahJohn Hookah Flavor Saver 2022

Size: Regular
Sale price$6.99


This is the 2022 version and there are 3 models, read on and be sure to watch the video below.

The HookahJohn Hookah Flavor Saver is the most simple hookah accessory you will ever use. It simply makes a gap between your coals and foils. You will never scorch your shisha again. So simple, yet so awesome.

Regular: 19 grams, and will fit almost any normal bowl.

Heavy: 32 grams, a bit smaller diameter and is great for the 80feet ESPANA.

Extra Large: 46 grams, larger diameter and great for bowls like the Harmony and Trimony.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
The go-to hookah device

I've used the flavor savor for years and cannot go back to not using it. Coals would constantly go black (side making contact with the bowl). With the flavor savor, I never worry about coals blacking out again.

Anthony Rebamontan
Effective HMD

Purchased the heavy one for trimony bowl. Does a great job of minimizing scorched shisha. Lots of air circulation and its spiral design promote even cooking of the tobacco. The smoke is more smooth and pleasant

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