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Tik Tok is the place to be, so you know I will be here! Short form videos with sneak peaks behind the scenes into the life of hookahjohn and a closer look at what hookahjohn as a brand is all about.

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Come join us at HookahJohn’s Circle of Friends where you get a community discussing everything hookah related 24/7.

Participate and share your knowledge. Keep up to date with over 8,000 hookah aficionados like yourself. It’s fun, casual, and social, just the way hookah experiences are supposed to be.

This is an excellent source of hookah information, where I bring you the latest hookah products in detail, including those carried on HookahJohn.com.

It’s also said to be a bit comedic, showing scenes in the HookahJohn warehouse, and my hookah travels around the world. Over 10 years this page has over 58,000 subscribers, and just about 10 million views!

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Check out the latest HookahJohn posts including products and random live videos. This page has almost 36,000 followers and over 1000 posts to keep you entertained and informed on all things hookah.

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Twitter is where I blast out random thoughts throughout the week, mostly hookah related, but sometimes not! You may also find new product updates and quick helpful bits of information, now with up to 280 Characters!

HookahJohn on Cameo

If you ever wanted a custom shout out video from me to you or one of your friends, Cameo is the place to do it! It's a fun and interesting way for me to interact with all of you at home in a more personal and direct way.