Titanium Cubettes Natural Hookah Coals - Cubettes - 120ct

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Introducing the "Cubettes" by Titanium Coconut Charcoal.

The Cubettes are a smaller form of the Titanium CUBE charcoal.

But, why?

More choices when it comes to quality coconut charcoal? Sure.

Easier heat management. Yes, but you've been fine with out these for years.

Well, combine both of those reasons and you've got your answer.

Cubes are sometimes too big, and flats are sometimes not the right size. Sometimes. Sometimes not, sometimes you wish you had another solution.

Well now you do.

120 Cubettes per box, and each box weighs just over 1kg.

Check out this video for more of an explanation.


Customer Reviews

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Elijah Pulscher
These are the best coals by far for my HMD

Please never stop making these!

John Lapuste
Heat smart coals

These coals are my favorite because they are easy to grab with my tongs and keeps that perfect mild hookah session and fits 4 or more coals on most bowl s if you like your hookah sessions cloudy or FML hotter.

Damn Good

These coals do a great job. In my opinion they're better quality than the last Titanium Flats I tried. They're a good happy medium that seem to do a great job of being a go-to for Tangiers. The smaller surface area means you can just use less coals rather than half coals and do alright!

I echo HJ's sentiment that other companies should jump on this ship.

Really great coals 10/10

These coals are amazing, just like the Titanium flats and cubes! Since they are a little bit smaller in size, I use 4 on my harmony bowl and get no harshness! In a Lotus, I also use 4.

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