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Featuring a fine cut and very interesting flavor profiles Eternal Smoke Shisha is an Orlando, Florida based tobacco company devoted to providing a unique hookah experience from purchase to smoke. Eternal Smoke Shisha is dedicated to top quality customer service, fresh premium shisha, and enhancing the hookah lifestyle. They believe in creating an experience not just a product.

Eternal Smoke Shisha is a modern style shisha which makes it perfect for those who are still dipping their toes into the world of hookah and a nice change of pace for those already well adjusted. With great flavors, a nice consistency, and great clouds, eternal smoke is a real crowd pleaser and we think you will enjoy it immensely.

How to pack Eternal Smoke Hookah Tobacco

  • Get 3 of your favorite hookah coals started on your coal burner.
  • Fill the bowl up to the rim and leave the shisha somewhat fluffy while lightly packing it down. We really like the Ferris Bowl for Eternal Smoke.
  • You can use a Shisha Fork to avoid getting your fingers messy.
  • Now just add foil, or your favorite heat management device. We like foil and the hookah john flavor saver.
  • Take 2 fully lit coals and place them on the bowl, adding the 3rd when needed.

About this Eternal Smoke Hookah Tobacco

Size: 250 Grams about 10-16 Bowls
Style: Blonde Leaf shisha tobacco

Eternal Smoke Video from Hookahjohn 

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