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You saw and tried it at Hookah Expo Worldwide. Now they are here!

Here to disrupt the status quo of our hookah landscape, Shisha Kartel has arrived with serious flavor combination that may, one day, take over the world.

You see them as the new guys, but the Kartel team is willing to put any of their formulas in a head to head battle with your favorite blends. Handcrafted in Dubai, these premium golden leaves will produce excellent smoke output in any style of hookah bowl and HMD combo. The 250g boxes hold all the fun for several smoke sessions and it's up to you on flavor selection, but there are no wrong answers. Don't miss out on one of the biggest releases of 2023.

Shisha Kartel Tobacco. This series utilizes premium gold leaf tobacco to create highest level of smoke, taste, and clouds! 

  • Sexy Sheba - Cold as ice and hot as hell, Sexy Sheba is an irresistible mix of cooling mango and passionfruit.
  • Capo Dei Capi - A unique creamy, tingly flavor that reminds us of a classic Vanilla Soda Float.
  • Bullets or Benjamins - Melon enjoyers delight, blending watermelon, Honeydew, and sweet pomegranate with a cooling essence.
  • Guilty Gang - A creative mix of Tangy Lemon and sweet pear with a cool icy inhale.
  • Money Madness Sweet mocha meets an even sweeter marshmallow to create.....MADNESS
  • Krazee Kombo - If you’re looking for something utterly insane, you’ve found it –a violently cool blend of strawberry, raspberry and peach iced tea.

Customer Reviews

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First blonde leaf surprise in a long while

I was pretty into AF back in 2011-2013 when I was first getting into hookah: it kind of formed my baseline for shisha cut/flavor quality by which all other brands since would be measured. But after 5 or so years, you've pretty much had every variation of most flavors so when a new brand comes out or a brand releases a new line of flavors, you quite often are underwhelmed because it's nothing new. But about 10 years AF released a special line and it has some real surprises in it: Hookah Matata (green apple / pine) and Appletini (red/green apples with a cocktail "burn" finish): I must've gone through 2kg's each before they were discontinued. But it always stayed in my head that AF could surprise me.

Fast forward to 2023/2024 after John's video on YT pointing out it was an AF product, I gave "Capo Dei Capi" a try. It's spectacular -- cola spice on the inhale and vanilla (not "cake frosting" like old school AF, but van-ill-a) that lingers in your nose for a full minute. Using a Strimony w/ a Kaloud and 4 titanium flats "stone-henged" is the perfect amount of heat to keep it ripping for ~90min. Already bought again and hoping it sticks around!

Anthony Rebamontan

I was never into Al Fakher wrong!! The tobacco cut is light brown and fine strips. The smell is very sweet and aromatic. I got the Krazee Combo to try. The peach comes out strong in the beginning. As one progresses, the strawberry and raspberry kick in. The subtle notes of tea are in the background. The smoke production is generous when the coals and IMD are at the right temperature. With the HJ Ferris bowl and Kaloud lotus HMD and a medium fluff packing give you great results off the bat. Give this a try.

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