The Ultimate guide to HookahJohn bowls.

General overview: This blog post is about all the bowls that HookahJohn has proudly put his name on. Our bowls are hand-made in the USA by an old-school clay artisan, glazed with the highest quality food-grade glazes in a range of colors, and, of course, have all the care put into them that you would expect in a quality product. This post will help you familiarize yourself with the different bowls in the HookahJohn family.


The Harmony bowl: 

The Harmony bowl is a preferred bowl for many hookah smokers for a reason. It's simple, easy to pack, and incredibly well made. The harmony bowl is the most basic bowl we offer, and the easiest to use, whether you're a beginner or a veteran smoker. The simple phunnel design allows for maximum airflow, and keeps your stem and water clean from juices. The harmony bowl is a favorite for foil, and heat management devices due to it's diameter and simplicity to pack. The bowl is also ideal for a 2+ hour session, with more than enough room to keep replacing coals as necessary.


The 80 Feet Bowl:

The 80 Feet Bowl is the Harmony bowl's smaller counterpart. Ideal for 45 minute to an hour sessions, and a favorite for tangiers tobacco. the design is the same phunnel style that the Harmony bowl features, but on the smaller scale, perfect for short sessions, or if you want to save some Shisha. Also perfect for the smoker with commitment issues, enjoy one flavor, and swap it out when you put your next set of coals on.


The Trimony Bowl:

The name of the game with the Trimony bowl is airflow. Some smokers prefer even more airflow in their bowls, and this bowl is for them. Three cuts in the internal spire allow for more air to pass between the tobacco leaves while smoking, and heat to distribute through the bowl cleanly and evenly. Pack as you normally would, but make sure to give the spire a little room to breathe.


The Alien Bowl:

Yet another bowl, and the first of it's kind on the market, the Alien was the original shisha saver. A shallow and wide bowl tapered to the inside make this bowl perfect for shorter sessions, and another favorite for Tangiers. The Alien bowl pairs best with the Flavor saver, and should keep your smoking smooth the whole time through.


The Red Clay Harmony Bowl:

The Red Clay Harmony Bowl is made of modern high-quality materials, in a modern way, but with an old-school twist. Unglazed aside from the outside, for color and ease of cleaning, the clay acts as a sponge for flavoring and will leave the bowl with a stronger flavor after a few sessions, dedicating the bowl to one flavor is preferred here, as it will keep the intensity dialed up the more you use it.


The Ferris Bowl: 


The Ferris Bowl is made specifically for Heat Management Devices, and features an interior lip to hold one in place. Don't be fooled by the size, the packing area of this bowl is smaller than it looks, and the bulk of the size for the bowl is contained with the interior lip for your HMD of choice. No more worry of the HMD falling off, the Ferris bowl has you (literally) covered.


The Wide Gauge Harmony Bowl:

The Wide Gauge Harmony Bowl does what it says on the tin; the same quality construction and ease-of-use as the harmony bowl, but with a wider interior phunnel. Some smokers swear by the extra-wide bore, and some don't, that decision is ultimately up to you.


The Flying Saucer Bowl:

The Flying Saucer Bowl, or FSB is a little different than the rest of the bowls in our lineup. The middle spire contains holes on the sides, rather than the top, and the spire extends higher than the lip of the bowl, allowing for overpacking and ease of heat management. Here's a pro tip for all of you, one coal on the top spire is a great way to get the bowl really going.

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