When it comes to hookah smoking, the type of charcoal you use is just as important as the shisha tobacco you choose. The right charcoal can enhance your smoking experience, while the wrong one can ruin the taste and be a health hazard. This blog post will guide you through the different types of hookah charcoal available and help you pick the best one for your sessions.

1. Types of Hookah Charcoal:

Quick-Lighting Charcoals:

  • Description: These charcoals are infused with a flammable substance that allows them to light quickly with a simple lighter.

  • Best for: Smokers who want convenience and fast preparation time.

  • Considerations: They tend to burn hotter and can impart a chemical taste, potentially affecting the flavor of your shisha.

  • HookahJohn’s opinion: Only use quicklight coals when there is a necessity, like not having a coil burner, smoking where there is no electricity available, and not on a regular basis.

Natural Charcoals:

  • Description: Made from compressed coconut shells, wood, or bamboo, natural charcoals are free from chemicals and additives.
  • Best for: Purists seeking a cleaner and longer-lasting burn without flavor alteration.
  • Considerations: They require a longer time to light, typically needing a stovetop or a charcoal burner. The most commonly used natural coals for hookah are made from coconut shells.
  • HookahJohn's opinion:

2. Shape, Size and Brands:

When it comes to coconut coals, there are so many brands out there. How does one choose? It's clear that a lot of manufacturers and importers are in this business primarily to make money, and as a result, the quality varies significantly from brand to brand. But does anyone actually care about the product?

I, HookahJohn, take this topic and product very seriously. As someone who's not just a creator in the hookah world but also a regular consumer of my product, I make it a point to use my brand of coconut coals every day and consistently compare them against others in the market.

I'm proud to produce Titanium Coconut Coals, which I believe is the best and cleanest burning coals available. And it seems many hookah smokers agree with me, considering the sales over the past 15 years.

These terms for shapes and sizes are easy to find on the different Titanium Lines.

Flats: 17x25x25mm
Cubes: 25x25x25mm
Cubettes: 22x22x22mm
MEGA Cubes: 27x27x27mm


Why are coconut coals better than all other coals? In my opinion, they are cleaner, they are consistently shaped, and they are eco-friendly. Wood charcoal traditionally requires cutting down trees, whereas coconut coals are made from the actual coconut which is usually a discarded product when harvesting coconut trees.


Choosing the right charcoal for your hookah is crucial for a satisfying smoking experience. By considering factors such as convenience, flavor purity, heat management, and health implications, you can make an informed decision that suits your preferences and enhances your shisha sessions.