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Tyrion Mini Shika Hookah v4.5

The Tyrion Mini is, you guessed it, the mini version of the Tyrion Shika Hookah. At 19" tall, this little hookah is no stranger to massive clouds of smoke. Despite its small stature, the Tyrion Mini can stand up to the tallest, most powerful hookahs in all the land, as smoke production is largely optimized by proper heat management as well as bowl packing methodology.
As with the other Shika hookahs, the Tyrion Mini comes with the bowl and hose as well as a pair of tongs to get you smoking as soon as it is delivered to your doorstep. It is still made of solid brass and is quite a heavy hookah, so durability will not be a problem with this device. If you are fan of smaller hookahs that can produce as much if not more than a typical Egyptian sized hookah, the Tyrion Mini is the Shika for you.
Comes as shown and includes pictured hose, tongs, and Egyptian Phunnel Bowl. Hose and bowl colors may vary.

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