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The Unika Bowl


The Unika Bowl was made for a few simple reasons.

Bowl prices, along with everything else on the planet just keep going up. Materials, labor, and time...they really add up, but I managed to make a bowl with all of the same parts included. Same US clay, same US artisans, same craftsmanship.

We wanted to make a lower priced hookah bowl, with all the same materials, so what did we skimp on? Not a lot really, and nothing in terms of performance.

Less glazing and less detail to bring down costs, and, we will keep this bowl as a HookahJohn exclusive and cut the profit margin a bit.

You can call this bowl whatever you want, a cheap hookah bowl, an economy hookah bowl, the poor man's hookah bowl, but what you can definitely call it is yet another great hookah product brought to you by HookahJohn.

 Just watch the video for more information.

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