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The TURK, washable hookah hose


We introduce to you The TURK, the first washable Turkish style hookah hose.

You may remember how grand Turkish hookah hoses are, but they did have a serious flaw. They were always unique works of art and preformed amazingly. However, the inner working were usually leather held together by a metal coil. Moisture from smoking would cause so much gunk and debris that the hoses were usually ruined within a few weeks of using. And, they were not washable.

The TURK is completely washable. Even those models with wooden mouth tips have an inner plastic that will allow the safe use of water running through them so that you can clean them.

They come 80 inches long, and the handle alone is 29 inches. The mid hose diameter is over an inch.

A few disclosures:

There are so many patterns and designs to the handles that we can not separate them, almost no two are the same, which adds to their uniqueness. You will be able to choose the color of the mid hose as well as a wood tip or acrylic tip.

The mouth pieces are not removable, but the wood is washable.

The end that inserts into your hookah is tick, so they may not fit smaller hookahs. These are made for larger hookahs, like traditional Egyptian hookahs, larger model MIGs and will fit Starbuzz American hookahs, and the Carbine hookah. You will need a thin silicone hose grommet in most cases.

You need to see this video in order to appreciate just how grand these hookah hoses are:



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