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The Phoenix HMD is the latest hookah heat management device to hit the market. This is the first and only HMD to be 100% made in the US.

When you buy this HMD at HookahJohn, you will have the option to get the best fitting and matching HookahJohn bowl for a super discounted price.

The Phoenix HMD was tested with many bowls by the manufacturer, and was tested with HookahJohn bowls over and over by our staff.

The Phoenix HMD is a revolutionary take on HMDs that we all know and love. For starters, The Phoenix is the first and only "phunnel" concept design HMD on the market.

With its patented design, this phunnel HMD allows for the use of up to 4 cubed charcoal with no fitment issues, however, due to the way it conducts heat, we don't see you using more than 2 or 3 cubes per session.

Ok great!? There's more interior room, what else does The Phoenix HMD do? Since the bottom of the HMD is one complete piece with no slits or holes, it conducts heat better and transfers heat faster into your bowl. Faster start up times and no ash contaminating your tobacco for a more pure enjoyable session, sounds good right? Well, add to it that you can actually preheat this device without it breaking or melting.

Made out of 6061-T1 aerospace grade Aluminum, The Phoenix HMD is 100% made in the USA and is actually one solid piece of Aluminum all the way through.


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