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Tangier's Noir Shisha - 250g


Tangiers Noir Shisha is perhaps the most famous and notable Tangiers Line of all. Instantly recognizable by its bright yellow/orange packaging with a hand-written name and flavor number Tangiers Noir Shisha, like it's sister lines, is usually easy to spot on the store shelf and always warrants a double-take and a closer look...

Fans of Tangiers Shisha immediately recognize and grab up their favorite blends recognizing the fact that each batch is hand-made, you get the constant feeling of never having enough. Hookah John is here to alleviate those worries of running out of Tangiers Shisha with a nearly unending supply of all of your favorite flavors including Cane Mint.*

*Try as we might, to keep everything in stock, some flavors of Tangiers Noir are so incredibly popular they basically instantly sell out.


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