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Starbuzz Vintage - 200g


After 2 years of research, development, blood, sweat and tears, Starbuzz has released a black leaf hookah tobacco.

The VINTAGE line by Starbuzz is just…AMAZING.

This may just be the game changer that the hookah industry needs.


Dark Mist

The evolved taste of dark berry infused with our world-famous Mist® results in a classy, fruity flavor that everyone can appreciate.  


Dark Vanilla

Experience the alluringly robust and creamy, rich notes of natural vanilla in its finest form. 


Fresh Lime

Bursting with bright notes of a refined fresh, yet sweet, lime Vintage™ Fresh Lime is complimented by the smooth dark taste of Vintage™ tobacco. 


Indian Spiced Apple

Spices of India, also known as Masala, have captivated the world with its magical and mysterious flavors. Paired with a modern take on Double Apple®, the result is a flavor designed for the modern age while paying homage to traditional tastes. 


Peach Spice

Allow us to introduce a delicate peach fruit profile, which packs a punch with its cunningly spiced notes. Vintage™ Peach Spice is exotically unique and delicately fruity. 


Orange Chocolate

Decadently complex, this flavor marries the sweetness of a ripe orange with a seductively playful milky chocolate.  


Spice Me Red

Indulge yourself in a fantastic fusion of sweet, red berries with a kiss of delicate spice to bring it all together. 


Sweet Cigar

This gem of a flavor delivers a distinct, natural sweetness created by balancing rich, smoky tobacco notes and a sweetness that is smooth as silk.


White Mist

Elegantly refined, White Mist® is brushed with wisps of subtle fruits draped in a body of crème.

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