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Starbuzz Challenger "XS" American Made Hookah 2018


The Starbuzz Atlantis American Made Hookah

This package comes with stem and tray only which weigh a whopping 4.7lbs.

The length of the entire stem is 28 inches, and from the exposed stem, is 18.5 inches. This means that the stem lent from the top of an assembled base is 18.5 inches to the top of the stem.

The diameter of the inserted stem, which goes into the base is 1.5 inches and the base that covers the glass is 3 inches in diameter.

These hookahs are made in the US with surgical grade materials and have a 5 year warranty.

Hookahjohn’s best recommended bases are Czech Mate Bohos and look incredible with the Starbuzz American Made Hookah series. Look at the pictures for reference.

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