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Sahara Smoke Brass Executive Hookah Stem


step into my office...
Enter the boss, the brass executive hookah. This stem is a game changer. it is made of 100% brass and is not welded. Each stem has a laser engraved serial number with a 10 year warranty.
Custom wooden box and a hand hammered solid screw on brass tray, brass tongs. Limited numbers- only 1000 will be forged.

Stem specs

height: 25.5 inches
inner diameter: .5 inch
compatible vase: large

Included with stem:

bowl grommet
hose grommet
brass tongs
brass tray

This is a stem and tray set alone, however, you can buy a matching bases here.
My favorite matching base, and the one I used in the video is the HookahJohn Boho.
If you include a base in your purchase, we will fit this stem with your base.
The hose I would most recommend for this hookah is the Narbish Washable Hookah Hose.
Check out this video for an in depth view.

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