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Project Black Bowl


I was approached a few months ago by Project Black, which claims to be an "Order from Southern California".

From the get go Project Black was very obscure in the details they gave for this bowl. I was skeptical of this bowl.

You know hookahjohn only likes to smoke hookahjohn bowls, but I decided to give these guys a chance because it was something new and different.

After the crew and I, here at subjected this bowl to various uses for a few months, we came to the conclusion that It was a great bowl. I'm willing to admit that I liked the product.


Project Black's bowls are made from a high density, food safe material. It exhibits slow heating rates which allow the bowl to uniformly heat up. The heat retention on this bowl is superb. The type of clay that was used, for this bowl exhibits a matte black material and is unglazed but still contains a smooth surface, with minimal porous properties.


I have no clue what it's made of but it smokes exceptionally well.


Check out the video for it once it gets uploaded.


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