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The latest and greatest, again, brought to you by HookahJohn. 

I will give more details this week but we only have a limited batch, so want to release them to those that are up paying attention. I loved using this product while in Prague this post week. Check out the video at the end.

This is just a copy paste from the Hookamonk website. 

Productdetailed description

The best heat management device to regulate the transfer of heat from charcoal to shisha thanks to a patented heating chamber. Thus the following consequences

  • less CO, less burning aftertaste
  • "chimney effect" resulting in better air circulation and longer life of coals
  • the whole area of tobacco is heated equally resulting in better and richer taste
  • evaporation of molasses is captured in the chamber, so you have less scratchy feeling in your throat

On top of that, our HMS is made out of top quality duraluminium used regularly in food industry. The quality of smoking doesn't deteriorate regardless of number of sessions. It's your last HMS you'll ever purchase. Made by hookah lovers and lounge owners for hookah lovers all over the world.

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