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Mystique Hookah Ice Hose Tip 2.0


Introducing the Mystique Ice Hose Tip, the newest innovation in hookah smoking.

This unique hookah accessory works in conjunction with Hookah Hoses with removable mouth pieces, such as the Narbish
Inside the Mystique Ice Hose Tip are non-toxic packets of water that act like ice cubes when frozen. As the smoke travels through the tip and comes in contact with the frozen water packets, it is chilled to an epically cool temperature for the smoothest, iciest, and most enjoyable hookah experience imaginable!
The Mystique Ice Hose tip measures 13 inches in length and will fit on most washable hoses. In the center is a decorative band made of fabric with Moroccan-style designs (designs may vary slightly).
1. Place the Mystique Ice Hose Tip in the freezer for 1-2 hours or until the ice packets are frozen.
2. Once the ice packets inside are frozen, insert the larger tapered end of the Mystique Ice Hose Tip into your hose. It fits like a glove in your Narbish hose.
3. Smoke!
4. Wash it out after every use to keep it clean and to prevent stains. Simply run tap water through it for up to a minute. Shake dry. Repeat steps 1-3 until satisfied!

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