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Did you get a chance to try out MYA Hookahs and their tobacco at Hookah Expo Worldwide? What a huge hit!
For many years Germany has ranked as one of the world's greatest producers of tobacco leaf, producing some of the finest tobacco blends. The climate in Germany is optimal for tobacco cultivation, as well as the mother soil, this contributing to producing low nicotine, low sugar tobacco composed of all natural oil blends.

German raw tobacco leaf unlike other tobacco can be ploughed manually in comparison to machine harvested tobacco leaf. Careful and delicate selection plays a big role in defining the leaf's final quality and character. The tobacco leaves must be carefully classified by size, texture and color, all aided by a well-seasoned expert’s feeling about the fine properties of the leaf. The criterion of the quality evaluation of tobacco leaves usually include color, size, shape and disfigurement of the leaf.

Color is an important feature of tobacco leaves due to its close association with the perceived quality. It is a widely used parameter in the evaluation of their maturity, freshness, nutritional condition and growth factors.

Our MYA tobacco is dedicatedly processed with all German harvested ingredients, our combination of natural oils and the highest quality of leaf in the market gives the tobacco smoke a light, smooth, flawless flavor.
  • Big Apple - Them apples are a super version of double apple.
  • Citrus Dream - Lemon Mint like no other.
  • Groovy Grape - A unique take on traditional grape flavors.
  • Good Time Line - An amazing green lime, mint with eder.
  • Red Dragon - A cool icy mint and watermelon
  • Vegas H20 - Passion fruit, cantaloupe, strawberry, with menthol, why not?

Size: 250g

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