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The MIG Nano is based on the system of minimes, paired with the armor of the armor. With a height of only 34cm, it is the smallest of MIG's pipes, but still offers an incredible smoke performance. Thanks to the cut, there are also many additional possibilities. The Nano is the perfect hookah for traveling with a suitcase or backpack. It can be easily and conveniently stowed away and provides the user whether at the lake, beach or simply at home on the couch an incomparable smoke.

- 1x MIG Nanobase
- 1x MIG nano tube adapter
- 1x MIG Nano hose end
- 1x MIG Nano sleeve
- 1x MIG nanovalve
- 1x MIG Nano valve ball (9mm)
- 1x MIG Nano Rauchsäule
- 1x MIG Nano columns of smoke counterpart
- 1x MIG Nano head adapter
- 1x MIG Nano Plate 160mm
- 1x MIG Nano Immersion Tube
- 1x MIG Nano Diffuser
- 1x MIG Nano Bowl "Clear"

Height: 34cm
Width: 16cm
Weight: 2KG

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