Product information "MIG 3.0"

"Never stop a running system ..." - based on the system of the first MIG, the MIG 1.0, we continue the tradition of the classic with this beautiful tank. A demountable column of smoke, with integrated 18.8 cut and adaptive smoke column elements, the individuality of the MIG 3.0 are no limits. By the supplied extension of the dip tube, the water level, depending on the needs, adjusted and so the suit can be optimized as desired.


Scope of supply :
- 1x MIG 3.0 Base 
- 1x MIG 3.0 hose adapter
- 1x MIG 3.0 hose end 
piece - 1x MIG 3.0 exhaust valve 
- 1x MIG 3.0 plug 
- 4x MIG 3.0 socket 
- 2x MIG 3.0 smoke column element "Robo" 
- 1x MIG 3.0 smoke column element with thread 
- 1x MIG 3.0 smoke pillar member with 18.8mm 
- 1x MIG 3.0 head adapter 
- 1x MIG 3.0 plates 
- 1x MIG 3.0 dip tube 
- 1x MIG 3.0 dip tube extension 
- 1x MIG 3.0 diffuser 
- 1x MIG 3.0 Bowl "Fat"

Height: 59cm 
Width: 22cm

Weight: 12.35lbs

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