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Mazaya - 50g


Our Mission Statement
We strive to manufacture, distribute and sell the
finest quality of natural tobacco and herbal
ingredients in order to position ourselves as the
consumers’ first choice when it comes to the finest
tobacco molasses, herbal molasses and the
unique hookah (shisha).

Our vision
As we grow, we aim to be the leading
provider of innovative tobacco and
hookah technology.
Dedicated to excellence in every area of our business, we
invest our vast knowledge, outstanding creativity and
innovative technology to provide customers with a superior
understanding of our brands, high-quality products and
a distinct service that compete favorably in the local and
international markets.

Our Core Values
1- We are customer focused We will make sure our customers’ needs are always our main concern.
2- We stand for quality We will always provide premium natural and
high-quality products.
3- We believe in accounta bility We will be open and transparent in our decision-making process.
4- We foster partne rships We make sure that our services are delivered in partnership with others and will involve our customers.
5- We strive for continuous im provemen t We will regularly and critically review our services to improve them and to provide the best possible value.
6- We support our staff We will actively plan, deliver and evaluate individual,group and organizational learning and development inorder to successfully achieve our business objectives.
7- We honor our co de of et hics We will conduct ourselves pursuant to the highest professional standards in accordance with our rules and code of conduct.

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