KRYSALIS ELTHERIA Black Complete Package with ALL Accessories

Color: Black
Sale price$698.70


The Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria® is not a Hookah... It's a Krysalis®.  It draws upon more than 500-years of tradition and innovation and emerges reborn as something new; something unknown.

This is the full setup, and you don't need to add any accessories.

Included with your Kaloud Krysalis Eltheria® 

  • Dual-Chambered Ultra Clear BPA Free Plastic - It's resilient and beautiful.
  • A Horizontal Purge - No more sticky balls... wait, that came out wrong.  Or did it?
  • Ayara Carbon Activated Filtration System - Your puffs don't have to be filthy.  Welcome to the 21st Century.
  • The Kaloud Selestia® Bluetooth Enabled Lighting and Control System - Beyond description.  It will blow you away... way way away. (This product will ship in April).
  • Reverse Adapter - You can use it with your existing hose collection. 
  • Kaloud Aeolis Niris (Black) Platinum Cured Silicone Hose with
    Black Nylon Weave - Ebony Stained Black Walnut Wood Handle;
    Black Stainless Steel Adapter and One Mouthpiece Included or Kaloud Aeolis Auris (Gold) Platinum Cured Silicone Hose with
    Black and Gold Nylon Weave - Black Walnut Wood Handle; Gold
    Stainless Steel Adapter and One Mouthpiece Included
  • Krysalis Edition Kaloud Samsaris Vitria II Silicone Glass Hybrid
    Bowl for Lotus I+
  • Kaloud Vestara Tongs Auris (Gold) - Anodized Gold Aluminum and
    Black Walnut Wood or Kaloud Vestara Tongs Niris (Black) - Anodized Black Aluminum
    and Ebony Stained Black Walnut Wood
  • Kaloud Aeolis Hose Tips Mixed (Black, Brown, Gold, Grey, Silver)
    Colored Stainless Steel Mouthpieces (5 per box)

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