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Hookahjohn Syrian Inspiration Hookah Gold *with HJ Boho*


This version comes with the The Hookahjohn Boho Bohemian Hookah Base included!

These are the new and highly anticipated HookahJohn Hookahs.

This version is the Syrian Inspiration and stands 32 inches tall.

These hookahs are inspired by Egyptian, Turkish, and Syrian manufacturing and high tech fabrication, meaning, they are solid, with clean welds, and have a traditional chamber.

In addition, they are priced great and an excellent value.

Hookahjohn Hookahs include the washable hose and hookah bowl as pictured. Also included are a tong and poker set plus all the necessary grommet fittings.

There is an option to add a higher end Narbish hose or Alien, Harmony, and 80 Feet bowl at a lower price than if purchased alone.

Check out the video to see these hookahs in depth.

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