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Fumari Odorless Hookah Charcoal 200ct


Fumari Hookah Charcoal is an odorless and smokeless Japanese style coal. These are MADE IN JAPAN, unlike the Chinese knock offs which are loaded with chemicals that can affect your hookah's flavor. It lights quickly when set atop a kitchen stove and additional pieces easily light by being placed on already burning pieces.  Each square piece of coal will last about 15 minutes.

This box of 200 is great for stocking up.

These are the coals that are used in the Tangiers's Hookah Lounge when they are not using Golden Canary.

We like these for traveling as you can get a few cubes started with a lighter, let sit for a few minutes and they will be ready. Also, you can light cubes on top of cubes when you are half way done.

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